5 Yoga Poses For Legs And Thighs

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Are you looking for some yoga poses for legs and thighs? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

5 Yoga Poses To Tone Your Legs

I bet all of us have had our own fantasies about nice and lean legs. We always see women with prettier legs on TV or in magazines and just wish we could be like them one day.

Of course, it’s horrible not to feel comfortable in your own skin. But unfortunately, many women these days feel this way. And I’m no exception. I used to feel like this before I started taking actions to change my body. And a tactic I’d like to share with you to use for leaner legs is yoga!

You may not have thought about this before but yoga is actually amazing in tightening your legs and booty!

And don’t believe the popular but false assumption that yoga is only for pretty and skinny women because it’s not. The beauty of yoga is that it is suitable for all types of bodies and ages because of the range of different poses and techniques!

All you have to do is pick up a yoga mat or just use a carpet and follow my further instructions. These yoga poses for legs are for beginners so they shouldn’t be too difficult for you if this is your first time doing yoga.

So keep on reading for a simple yoga routine with 5 yoga poses for legs and thighs, perfect for beginners to try out and get your first taste of yoga!

5 Yoga Poses For Legs And Thighs:

1.Standing half forward fold

This pose is great to stretch out your hamstrings and it’s one of the best yoga poses for legs to start your routine off with and prepare yourself for the rest of the routine.

Stand on the floor with your feet at about hip-width. Begin bending forward using your hips, not your waist. Reach for the floor but you can use a yoga block if this is too difficult.

Always keep your spine as straight as possible. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds or a few breaths.

2.Extended triangle pose

Begin standing on the floor with a 2-3 foot gap between your feet. Bring your hands up straight before you with your palms facing the floor. Turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right and your left foot 45 degrees to the same side.

Begin leaning to the right keeping the left side of your body facing upward and your left hand extended toward the ceiling.

Turn your face toward your left hand and reach the ground with your right hand.

Make sure your shoulders, hips and hands are always aligned. Hold this pose for 30 seconds or a few breaths.

3.Pigeon pose

Number 3 in our list of yoga poses for legs is one of my absolute favorites – the pigeon pose.

Begin on the floor standing on your hands and knees. Bend your right leg and put your knee in between your hands with your right heel leaning on your inner left thigh.

Straighten your left leg while bringing it back and lean on your toes. Your hips should be facing forward. If you feel uncomfortable and your right hip isn’t touching the floor, you can place a blanket beneath it.

Lean forward as far as you can. Hold this pose for 30 seconds or a few breaths.

4.Head-to-knee forward bend

Begin sitting on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Bend your right knee and lean your right foot on your left inner thigh. You can put a blanket under your right knee for support.

Lean forward keeping your spine as straight as possible. Reach your left foot with your right hand. But you can use a yoga strap instead.

Hold this pose for about 30 seconds or a few breaths and repeat on your other side.

5.Viparita (Leg-up-the-wall pose)

This is one of my favorite yoga poses for legs and thighs. It’s super simple, relaxing and doesn’t require many physical efforts. It’s great for improving your blood circulation after a long day of sitting or standing.

Bring your upper body close to your wall and raise your legs up the wall. If your lower back is arching, put a blanket underneath it for support.

You can stay in this pose for up to 10 minutes! Try it and you’ll see how relaxing it is and how great it makes you feel!

So there you have it! A simple, fun and relaxing yoga routine for leaner legs. If you enjoyed this routine and would like to find out more about yoga, I recommend Zoey Bray-Cotton’s “Yoga Burn” program!

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