5 Most Common Yoga Mistakes That Beginners Make

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Yoga can be pretty complicated for beginners. But the reason it seems so hard at times can be that we just overcomplicate it. This is something most beginners in yoga are guilty of, myself included. And this leads to various yoga mistakes.

5 Common Yoga Mistakes That Beginners Make

But it can be hard to realize you’re doing something wrong when you’re just a beginner and trying to understand yoga in general.

This is why a lot of people quit yoga after they’ve just started out. They think yoga is way too complicated and not suitable for them. But everyone makes mistakes in the beginning and this is no excuse for quitting yoga!

When I first started out with yoga, I made tons of mistakes which I only realize now, looking back. So it’s completely OK if you feel you may be doing something wrong but don’t realize what exactly.

In this article, I’ve gathered a few of the most common yoga mistakes beginners do and I hope I’ll help you solve some of your yoga problems!

1.Holding your breath

This is one of the most common yoga mistakes a lot of beginners in yoga make without even realizing it. But breathing is an EXTREMELY important part of yoga!

When doing any pose in yoga, you need to take deep and long breaths. This way, you feel a stronger connection to your body by focusing on your breaths and you will relax much easier and enjoy yoga more!

So next time you do yoga, always focus on your breathing! I know when I first started out with yoga, I would constantly catch myself holding my breath. And it really does make a huge difference once you start working on your breathing!

2.Comparing yourself to others

You need to remember that every person is different and everyone progresses at their own pace! One person might master yoga in just a few months, but for others, it can take years.

That’s why you need to be patient and accept the fact that yoga may be more difficult for you than, for example, a friend you started doing yoga with.

But the most important thing is not to give up and keep going! Because if you set some goals and do everything to reach them, then you most certainly will!

3.Forgetting to relax

Some people start doing yoga because they want to be flexible or just want a nicer body. And because of this, people often forget the true beauty of yoga which is the relaxation it gives your mind and body!

I must admit, when I first started out with yoga, my main goal was having a perfect body and I didn’t really look much into other benefits yoga features. But this was a huge mistake! I’ve now realized that the calmness and relaxation yoga gives you is far more valuable than looking pretty!

So don’t see yoga as a means to an end. Focus on the process which is why most people actually fall in love with yoga!

4.Starting out with advanced poses

I know that once you first start out with yoga, all you want to do is those advanced and pretzel-like poses and you might expect to master them super quickly. But it can take years for some people to do more advanced poses such as the firefly pose.

So I know it may seem boring to start out with simple yoga poses but that’s where everybody starts off! Just be patient, consistent and determined and you will surely learn some more complex yoga quickly!

5.Thinking you aren’t fit for yoga

A lot of people don’t start out with yoga because they think they’re not fit for yoga. Most commonly, women think they are too fat and they’re bodies aren’t suitable for yoga.

But the true beauty of yoga is the fact that it is suitable for EVERYONE. Sure, there are poses that would be difficult for overweight people. But the huge variety of yoga poses and techniques allows ALL types of people practice it!

So enough making excuses about why you can’t start doing yoga. Because you absolutely can! Try it out and you’ll see for yourself!

A way to avoid these yoga mistakes is getting a reliable program suitable for beginners.

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One of the best parts of this program is that it teaches you that yoga really is suitable for ALL types of people, not just skinny and pretty women, as is often assumed by society.

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I’m sure that if you get this program, you will feel the same way and get a completely different view on yoga. So click here to find out more about Zoey Bray-Cotton’s “Yoga Burn” program!