Yoga For Flexibility: 10-Minute Workout

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Do you want to find out how to get flexible with yoga but don’t know where to start? Then keep on reading to find out some great yoga for flexibility tips and moves!

Yoga For Flexibility

Many people start out with yoga because they want to become flexible. But there are so many more benefits of yoga apart from just yoga for flexibility.

It improves circulation and your posture, relieves stress and muscle tension, and helps protect against injuries. Basically, it has A LOT of benefits. But the reason not many people are actually flexible is that it can be pretty difficult when you don’t know what yoga asanas to do.

To me, it was really frustrating to see all those other women doing super complex yoga moves but not being able to raise my own leg above my waist. Sometimes it even seemed like it isn’t even possible for me to become flexible because it seemed like I was making zero progress.

Despite this feeling of failure, I kept on going and now I am much more flexible than I used to be and I must say, it feels great!

During my yoga experience, I’ve learned many yoga exercises for flexibility and stretching. And I want to share 6 of my most favorite yoga for flexibility moves perfect for beginners!

Yoga For Flexibility: 10 Minute Workout:

1.Standing half forward bend

This is a great pose to start out with because it stretches out your hamstrings and gets you ready for more complex yoga for flexibility poses.

Start with your feet on the ground about as wide as your hips. Bend down and focus on your hip joints, not your waist.

You can bend your knees a bit while pushing your hips back. Be sure to keep your spine straight. Reach for the floor but if you can’t reach it, use some yoga blocks.

Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable. Do a few sets and move on to another move.

2.Standing forward fold with shoulder opener

This next one of our yoga stretches is a great pose to stretch out your shoulder muscles.

Do a forward fold as I explained previously and bring your hands up to your lower back and interlace them. Then, begin moving your hands toward the floor as far as you can.

If this pose is too difficult, you can hold a strap in your hands instead of interlacing them.

3.Head-to-knee forward bend

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Bend your right knee and lean your foot sole against your inner left thigh. Your right leg should be leaning on the floor. If you aren’t comfortable, put a blanket under your right knee for support.

Begin leaning forward and try to keep your spine as straight as possible. Reach for your left foot sole with your right hand. If you aren’t very flexible yet, use a yoga strap.

5.Extended child’s pose

This is an easy pose great for beginners and perfect for relaxing in between more complex poses.

Sit on your knees, big toes touching and knees wide apart. Lean forward with your hands extended in front of you, rest your belly on your thighs and put your forehead on the ground.

Stay in this pose until you feel rested and continue doing your routine!

5.Downward dog

This pose stretches out your calves and hamstrings.

Stand on your hands and feet, legs straight, and your body should form a triangle. If you aren’t comfortable, you can bend your knees.

Place your head in between your upper arms. Push your butt back and upward and move your shoulders from your ears.

6.Camel Pose

This pose will stretch out your back and chest and it’s great for getting rid of back pain!

Begin on your knees. Your legs and knees should be at about hip-width. Bend backward a bit to reach your right ankle with your right hand. Then, push forward and arch your back and grab your left ankle with your left hand. The more you arch your back, the better your chest is stretched.

So these were some of my favorite yoga for flexibility poses. Hold each of these for about 30 seconds before repeating or moving to another pose!

But while doing these types of poses, remember not to go overboard! Don’t go too far and risk getting an injury! Yoga stretching exercises are most effective when you wait until your muscles hurt a bit and hold the pose until the pain goes away.

But anyway, these poses are great for beginners to do in order to get a better picture of what yoga is in general.

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I’ve learned so many things about yoga and completely fell in love with it and the feeling of healthiness and happiness it gives! And I believe that you will, too once you give it a try!

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