10 Easy Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter… These are holidays everybody waits for and absolutely loves! But of course, with holidays comes holiday weight gain.

Holiday Weight Gain

I bet you’ve definitely noticed a surge in the scale particularly during the holiday season. For some, it could remove all the fun and joy from the holidays.

But what if I told you that you can have an awesome holiday season without putting on any extra pounds! Well, you definitely can! All you have to do is follow a few simple tips which will definitely help keep you from overeating and gaining unnecessary weight!

Plus, these tips are not only great for avoiding holiday weight gain but for practicing healthy eating habits in general. Expect to learn all the dos and donts of healthy holiday eating and finally enjoy a holiday season without gaining weight.

So, without further ado…

10 Easy Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

1.Drink water before your meals

Those holiday meals may be delicious, but they are usually full of calories. And often delicious and calorie-dense food leads to overeating and over time results in weight gain.

But a very simple way to avoid this is by drinking water before your meals. Because sometimes, people confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating way too much. Also, water fills you up and reduces your appetite.

Plus, water is good for you in general and it can even help with weight loss. You can read more about water for weight loss and calculate what your daily water intake should be by clicking here!

2.Try to eat slowly

Holiday meals are super delicious, aren’t they? We’re all probably guilty of stuffing all the food in until you literally can’t take another bite. It feels good while you’re still eating but after you feel way too stuffed and even sick.

And when you eat really fast you only understand how full you are after you’ve overeaten because it takes time for the food to settle in your stomach,

Well, a solution to this is to simply eat SLOWLY. There shouldn’t be any rush while you’re eating, just enjoy your meal. You will definitely feel better afterward and realize on time when you’ve had enough.

Moving on to our next tip to avoid holiday weight gain…

3.Put small portions on your plate

Usually, when people fill their plate up too much, they just eat everything. Because you won’t just throw away some perfectly good food, right? Again, this results in overeating.

Simply put small portions on your plate. If you feel you’re still hungry, just add some more food. This way, you won’t feel any pressure to eat too much. And you will stop to think if you really are that hungry and need seconds.

4.Eat from small dishes

This is similar to the previous tip. However, small portion sizes may seem different on different sized plates. If you eat from a smaller plate, you don’t need to put a lot of food on it in order for it to look full enough.

5.Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Number 5 in our list of tips to avoid holiday weight gain is to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Almost all alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar and calories. And during the holiday season, people tend to drink more often. And this results in unnecessary weight gain.

But not only this, alcohol, as you know, slightly changes your mindset for a while. After you’ve had a few drinks, you likely won’t care about calories and weight gain. And you’ll just eat anything and everything and not even think twice.

So maybe try having just one or two drinks at a time. Or try replacing your alcoholic beverages with water, green tea, or coffee – all of which help with weight loss! It will be much easier to resist those cravings with a sharp mind!

Click here to read more about drinking green tea for weight loss. Or click here to read more about coffee for weight loss.

6.Freeze your leftovers

Often, people bake loads of holiday food for family and friends because they want there to be enough for everyone. But usually, there are actually too many leftovers afterward.

And since leftovers are only good for a short amount of time, people just eat way too much of them just so they wouldn’t have to throw them away.

Well, you can simply freeze the food in order to prolong the time until it goes bad. Just warm up a bit of the leftovers when you really are hungry and don’t just stuff everything at once.

7.Don’t try to resist cravings completely

This may sound confusing at first but its actually a great tip to avoid holiday weight gain.

Sometimes, when people try to avoid putting on pounds, they decide that they won’t eat anything unhealthy. But this usually doesn’t work out, especially during the holidays.

When you don’t satisfy your cravings at least a little bit, it’s very easy to completely lose it and stuff yourself with anything you can find.

Instead, if you’re craving something like chocolate, just have a piece and be done with it. You’ll feel satisfied enough and likely won’t go out of control in the kitchen.

8.Stay active

Let’s face it, most people are super lazy during the holidays. All they do is sit, eat, gain weight, then be sad about the weight they gained.

In order to put an end to this never-ending circle, just stay active! And it’s not that hard, really. Just take more walks with friends, family, or just your dog. Try doing a morning exercise or jog or any form of fitness you like. Just try to move as much as possible because it really makes a huge change not only in the way you look but in the way you feel!

You’d be surprised how great walking is for weight loss. Not only will you avoid holiday weight gain but burn some calories too! Read more about how walking can help you burn belly fat by clicking here.

9.Weigh yourself

This is more of a way to stay motivated to continue to avoid weight gain. If you weigh yourself once or twice a week, you will actually see if your weight is changing.

If your weight grew a few pounds and you’re unhappy about it, you’ll know for sure you need to change some of your habits.

10.Find a buddy

Last but certainly not least in our list if tips to avoid holiday weight gain is to find a buddy.

Changing your eating habits and staying active can be hard, especially during the holidays when people care more about having a good time than about adding a few pounds.

But everything is easier with a buddy! Just find someone who is like-minded with you and change your habits together!

You won’t feel as awkward around people if you won’t be alone. Plus, if one of you decides to quit, the other will be there to encourage them and push them to keep on going!

And there you have it! 10 tricks to avoid holiday weight gain.

So as you can see, it isn’t that hard to avoid holiday weight gain. But you do need to be ready and tell yourself that you WILL change things.

If you follow these tips, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this holiday season with delicious meals and fun times spent with family and friends but without any unnecessary weight gain!

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