5 Biggest Weight Loss Myths, Busted!

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When there is so much information about weight loss online, it may be difficult to tell which information is true and which is false. But this is a crucial step in weight loss! You have to know the biggest weight loss myths in order to succeed.

5 Weight Loss Myths - Busted!

You have to stop believing all of the fake information online and do weight loss the right way.

All those magic weight loss pills and overnight weight loss solutions are a huge scam. The only thing they do is bring money to the scammer. So don’t fall for them!

However, there are some more weight loss myths (apart from magic pills) that may be holding you back from success. So, without further ado…

5 Biggest Weight Loss Myths, Busted!

#1 Dieting is eating tasteless boiled chicken and rice

This is one of the weight loss myths that I have fallen for myself. When I just started out with weight loss, I thought that in order to lose weight, your full menu should be pretty much tasteless. But that is far from the truth!

You can eat really delicious food and lose fat like crazy at the same time. You just have to know which food is healthy and good for weight loss – and which is not.

Can you enjoy a chocolate shake while losing fat? Yes, you can! Can you have pancakes while losing weight? You bet! Can you have a brownie? Definitely! You just need to create healthier versions of all of your favorite foods! For example, click here to check out 10 delicious and healthy dessert recipes.

The best part? You can eat all of this delicious food and have the same (or even better) results than when tasteless chicken. What more than a delicious and successful diet could you wish for?

#2 You will never ever eat food you love again

I’m in love with pizza. Everyone who really knows me knows that pizza means everything to me. When I started my fat loss journey, pizza was the thing I was most concerned about. I thought – is this it? Will I be separated from my love? Hell no!

No matter what you love – pizza, burgers, beer, Chinese food, candy, ice cream, chocolate or Nutella – you will get to keep on enjoying it, and you won’t be separated from your favorite food forever.

I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of “cheat day”? It’s a day when you get to eat all you want, as much as you want. My cheat day is usually Sunday. So, Sunday is that lucky day when I get to see my love and hang with it all day. 

No, cheat days will not ruin your results, contrarily they will help you to stay on a track and staying on a track will lead to successful fat loss. So don’t be afraid, you’ll still get to enjoy your favorite food on cheat days and once you achieve your fat loss goal – you’ll get to enjoy even more cheat days.

Moving on to the next one of our weight loss myths…

#3 Dieting is starving

If you want to lose fat and you consider starving as a strategy to achieve your goal, you are making a huge mistake.

Did you gain 30, 20 or 15 pounds in one week? Nope! Gaining fat is a long process, so why would losing fat be fast?

Fat loss, just like fat gain, needs time, and you can’t starve yourself for 6 months. Let’s say you starve yourself for two weeks and you lose 15 pounds (the majority of that weight will just be water and glycogen, but whatever), how will you be feeling after two weeks?

Eventually, after all of this starving, you will binge eat and gain everything back in just three days.

Not to mention, you will ruin your health, skin, nails, and everything else that you could ruin. Trust me, it isn’t worth it! 

#4 You can burn fat locally (for example from your belly)

Let’s say you want to burn fat from your belly.  What will you do? Crunches, a lot of crunches. Which would be OK if you wanted abs so strong they would defeat McGregor’s punches and kicks. But if you are just a regular person, not an MMA fighter, and just want a flat belly – you are making a big mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that crunches are bad, they just serve a different purpose – they make your abs stronger, they help you burn more calories, but they don’t burn your belly fat! Fat is burned when your body is in an energy (aka calorie) deficit – it can’t be burned locally.

Depending on your genetics, fat can start to burn fat from your hands, then from your legs, then from your face, then a little bit from your belly, then from your back and so on. I think that you understood what I’m trying to say.

You need to reduce your entire body’s fat percentage if you want to lose fat from your belly or any other annoying place. As my practice shows, the places that you’re aiming to lose fat are the ones that burn last. Yep, it’s quite annoying, but the good news is that the fat still burns in those places eventually.

#5 You can exercise out a bad diet

Number 5 in our list of weight loss myths is a really important one.

So many people think that they can exercise out bad nutrition. But that is just not how it works.

Imagine this – you sit on the couch all day long eating chocolate, pizza, candies, chips and etc. Then, in the evening you work out for an hour, and you are thin, happy and beautiful. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, it is.

The reality is quite different – you sit on the couch, eating meat, vegetables, grains, yogurt and other healthy meals, and in the evening you do or do not go to the gym and you are losing fat.

This is the reality – nutrition is 80% of your fat loss success, physical activity (active lifestyle, training, jogging and etc.) is 20% of your success.

We can achieve good fat loss results without physical activity, but not the other way around. And by combining nutrition AND physical activity we can achieve stunning results, both in fat loss and in our health in general.

And we have come to an end of our weight loss myths. So there you have it! The 5 biggest weight loss myths – busted! Do not make these mistakes and you will succeed in your fat loss journey.

Remember – if you want to look like an athlete, you must become an athlete, if you want to lose fat, you can’t live like a fat person would. Our body is a reflection of our lifestyle, so go for it and don’t look for a magic pill, because if even there is one, it’s in an old castle protected by a big red dragon somewhere in Neverland.

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