5 Foods To Never Eat For Weight Loss

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Losing weight and being on a diet can be so difficult at times! Especially when you don’t know which foods to avoid, such as these 5 foods to never eat for weight loss.

5 Food To Never Eat For Weight Loss

Often, people go on diets but lose zero pounds and then just quit because it isn’t working out. But why is this? Well, there are many many reasons why your diet may not be working out as you hoped, but one very common reason is that a lot of people don’t exactly know which food products are actually good for your diet and will help you lose weight.

There are hundreds of products at stores that can be very deceptive. This is because some foods that have an abundance of sugar, calories, saturated fats and unhealthy chemicals have advertisements that portray these products as ”healthy” and ”great for weight loss”.

In this article, I will tell you some of the most overrated unhealthy foods out there. Hopefully, you will have a better picture of which foods are good for weight loss and which – not so much. So, here are the 5 foods to never eat for weight loss.

5 Foods To Never Eat For Weight Loss:

1.Flavored Yogurt

[image of flavored yogurt]

The first food in our list of 5 foods to never eat for weight loss is flavored yogurt. YUP, it’s bad for you.

Many people believe that yogurt is a super healthy snack. But this seemingly healthy snack is actually very often a horrible thing to eat while losing weight. Well, plain yogurt, such as Greek yogurt is very healthy. But at stores, most yogurts contain tons of sugar and calories.

You can read about why sugar is bad for you and how to detox by clicking here.

Of course, I’m not saying that all flavored yogurts are bad for you. Some actually don’t contain sugar and are diet-friendly. But in order to know for sure, always read the nutrition facts! Advertisers may lie about how healthy the product is, but nutrition facts are never deceiving!

Also, a great alternative to flavored yogurt is having plain yogurt with calorie-free flavor drops. It tastes just as good and doesn’t interfere with your weight loss!

Personally, I love the SweetLeaf Sweet Drops. This set offers 5 different delicious flavors! Plus, it’s a healthy alternative to all those chemical-filled flavor drops as it doesn’t have any artificial flavors because it is made with a natural sweetener called stevia!

2.Dried fruit

[image of dried fruit]

This may seem shocking to you. But the truth is when you drain all the water from fruits, only sugar and calories are left. Yes, they are natural and aren’t as bad as other sweet foods.

But on the other hand, many dried fruits have added sugar in them which really makes them almost the same thing as gummies, just maybe not with so many chemicals. So if you’re trying to lose weight, avoid this sugar-packed snack!

Instead just have fresh fruit. It’s much better for you as you will get fuller from it faster and obviously, its sugar density is much lower than that in dried fruit!


[image of cereal]

Number 3 in our list of 5 foods to never eat fro weight loss is cereal.

A bowl of breakfast cereal is a very convenient and fast meal. But it is actually very unhealthy. Even the ones that are advertised as “healthy fitness” cereal contain lots of sugar.

You might as well just have a candy bar for breakfast because the amount of sugar and calories is almost equivalent.

Plus, most people have cereal with milk. And milk really isn’t that healthy for you either. I’m not going to tell you to stop drinking milk and go vegan or anything, but you probably should avoid it when losing weight as it contains a fair amount of sugar and saturated fats.

So if you’re a breakfast cereal lover, I recommend swapping it with oatmeal. Oatmeal is very healthy because it is full of fiber and other useful nutrients. Or try a sugar-free granola!

4.Protein, energy, granola bars

[image of granola bars]

Most often, when people have one of these bars, they automatically think that it is super healthy because most of them are advertised as so.

But the truth is many protein, energy, and granola bars contain almost no nutrients and are full of unnecessary calories.

Of course, I’m not saying all of these bars are bad. There actually is a fair amount of companies that create healthy, nutritious and diet-friendly bars. But in order to find them, you really need to read the nutrition facts!

I’ve recently come across the Pure Protein Bar Variety Pack and I absolutely love these protein bars! The box contains 18 delicious bars and 3 different flavors! One bar has only about 200 calories, just 2 grams of sugar and contains 20 grams of protein!

5.Peanut butter

[image of peanut butter]

Last bus not least in our list of 5 foods to never eat for weight loss is peanut butter.

Now don’t get me wrong. Nuts are not bad for weight loss! They do have a lot of calories which means you shouldn’t have a lot of them, but the nutrients and non-saturated fats they contain are actually a very important part of your diet!

But peanut butter is a different story.

Unfortunately, not many people know how unhealthy some of them can be. A lot of peanut butter on the market today has a lot of sugar, calories, and many harmful chemicals. So basically, it has completely zero nutritional value and can be very bad for weight loss.

But not all peanut butter is like this! Some actually don’t have much sugar and calories and are good for your diet.

For example, the Good Spread Organic Unsweetened Peanut Butter with Probiotics. This peanut butter is delicious, has almost zero sugar and has loads of probiotics! But keep in mind that you should have it in small quantities as it does have a lot of calories.

And there you have it – 5 foods to never eat for weight loss!

Start reading the nutrition facts!

These are just examples of 5 foods to never eat for weight loss, as they are advertised as healthy and great for weight loss but are actually a sugar, saturated fat and calorie bomb.

Thankfully, a lot of companies actually do make healthy and delicious diet snacks that don’t interfere with weight loss.

But as you probably already understood, it is very important that before you buy a product, you check out the nutrition facts! Because as advertisements and packaging can be deceiving, nutrition facts reveal the truth!

And don’t feel weird studying the nutrition facts!

Now that I eat healthily and don’t want to put too much junk food in my body, I always read the nutrition facts of a product I’ve never had before and know nothing about. I admit, at first, I felt a bit weird reading the packaging as most people just throw a product in their cart without even caring what is inside.

But it really does make a huge difference because you know exactly what you are eating and if a product really is healthy or is just a marketing deception!

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