Why You Can’t Lose Weight Fast

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Everyone, who wants to lose weight, wants to do it FAST. It’s just the way we are. Unfortunately, we just can’t lose weight fast – it doesn’t work that way. Actually, the fact that you can lose weight fast is probably one of the biggest lies out there. In this blog post, I will tell you more about this big lie, who created it, and why it even exists. 

Keep in mind, though, that I’m not talking about losing 2,5 or 10 pounds – I’m talking about a bigger challenge – losing 40, 60, 80 or even 150 pounds or more.

Nowadays, the internet is full of lies about weight loss. On every corner, we see fake “magic pills”, “insane two-week weight loss transformations”, “drink this weight loss drink for 2 weeks and shred your fat off”, “magic app for weight loss”, “two-week cucumber diet” and much much more – you know what I’m talking about.  Why is the Internet full of these lies? Let’s start from the root of the problem… BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR IT – WE ARE SEARCHING FOR IT!

And when there is demand, there will always be supply.

We want to get everything by doing nothing. We want to be rich without working hard for years, we want to be strong without working out – we want to succeed without effort. And this is the main problem.

Ok, let’s get straight to the point – lots of people are searching for that easy way to lose weight fast so other people are giving it to them. But, in my opinion, what they’re giving shouldn’t be called ‘help’, it’s really more of an easy way to earn money from people who desperately need to lose weight fast. For example:

# Magic pills and fat burners (distributors earn money from selling the product)

# Articles for quick weight loss (these websites get lots of traffic and monetize it from ads or affiliates of “magic pills” distributors)

# Fat burners (distributors earn money from selling the product)

# Weight loss cocktails and drinks (distributors earn money from selling the product)

# Articles about magic tricks for fast weight loss (these websites get lots of traffic and monetize it from ads or affiliates of “magic pills” distributors).

THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE, but everything works pretty similarly on the Internet.

It is all about THE MONEY! They don’t care about you, all they care about is themselves and the thickness of their wallet. Oh sorry, they care about you, but in a different form – they care about your money.

It’s sad, but this is the reality. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that all of the people who work in this niche are scammers. There are a lot of people who are really trying to help people lose weight, and I respect them for that.

If we want to solve this problem we need to stop searching for fast and easy ways to lose weight because there is no fast and easy way! First, we should change our mindset and view of the life.

Every great thing in our lives requires a lot of effort – making money requires work, winning the Olympic games requires many years of training, sticking the flag in the top of the Everest requires many years of preparation and more than a lot of climbing.

The same goes for weight loss – to go three jean sizes down requires effort. It requires a lot of WORK from your side, a step out of your comfort zone, understanding that big changes don’t come in a month or two, persistence and confidence – and if you are ready to pay that price – you will succeed. The result that you will get depends on nothing but the effort you put in to reach it.

In conclusion of this article – stop searching for a fast and easy way. You will waste your time and not get any results. You should focus on eating healthy and living more actively. Basically, you need to do what you weren’t doing before. You need to eat meat with salad instead of pizza for dinner, you need to drink water instead of cola, you need to eat oats instead of bacon and pancakes in the morning, you need to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, you need to walk more instead driving your car and so on…

The image of hard workYes, it won’t be easy, it will require a lot of work, but you will do it – I believe in you. If you truly put a lot of effort in changing your habits – you will succeed and I promise this to you. Just think about it – could we get different results by doing the same things? I don’t think so! So CHANGE!

Thank you for reading. If you like (or hate) what I’m writing or have any questions please comment, it means a lot to me.

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