How To Eat Fewer Calories When Eating Out

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Everybody loves going out and spending time with family and friends. But when people go out, they most likely eat at a restaurant, cafe, go to the movies and eat popcorn, etc.. Which means consuming tons of calories! And if you’re trying to lose weight, you definitely should cut down on your calorie intake.

How To Eat Fewer Calories When Eating Out

This could be very difficult, especially when going out. When I was on a diet I would just not to go out as often so I wouldn’t ruin my diet. But don’t repeat my mistake! It’s definitely possible to both be on a diet and eat fewer calories and to be able to go out and have some fun!

Let me try and help you by giving you some tips that will hopefully help you eat fewer calories the next time you go out!

How To Eat Fewer Calories When Going Out:

1. Eat before you go out

This is very important if you want to avoid eating tons of calories when you go out! Eat plenty of healthy food before you leave so you won’t be so tempted to have junk food.

This is a much better choice than to plan to order something healthy at a restaurant. It is possible, but most likely after you see all the delicious but calorie-filled food on the menu, you won’t want to order a salad anymore.

Besides, if all your friends order yummy high-calorie meals, you will be much more tempted to have one yourself! So always remember to eat before leaving, especially when you’re not sure how long you will be out!

2. Bring your own food

Bringing your own food can seriously help you eat fewer calories when you go out. Think about it, when you’re out with friends and get hungry, you will most probably go to a restaurant and eat something unhealthy or just by yourself a chocolate bar or something like that, right? But next time you go out, just bring a healthy snack along. Something like nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

They will definitely help you resist those junk food cravings! If not, at least you won’t have an excuse to eat unhealthy when you have a healthy snack with you!

And if you’re planning to be out for a longer time, just bring a whole healthy meal along! 

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3. Order coffee without sugar

Some people don’t think that drinks can be so bad for you. They think that if it isn’t food, it can’t have a lot of calories, it’s just a drink! But most drinks at coffee shops with fancy names, such as caramel frappuccinos or chocolate lattes, have tons of sugar and calories in them.  As much as you may love them, definitely try avoiding them when you go out during your diet. Some of these drinks contain up to 300 calories!

Just have regular coffee without sugar. It’s much healthier for you as black coffee has zero calories and it won’t interfere with your weight loss! In fact, coffee can even help you lose weight. Click here to read more about drinking coffee for weight loss.

4. Stay hydrated

It can be really hard to stay hydrated while you’re out. Not everybody carries a water bottle with them. But you really should!

Not only is it extremely important to drink enough water throughout the whole day to keep your body functioning properly, but when people are thirsty, they commonly mix it with hunger. And this leads to endless snacks and calories.

So the next time you go out, be sure to bring a water bottle along and always stay hydrated! You can read more about the importance of drinking water for weight loss by clicking here!

5. Avoid the alcohol

As much fun it is to go out and have cocktails, they are super bad for weight loss. They have tons of sugar and calories and if you want to consume fewer calories, definitely try to avoid alcohol.

Just have a cup of coffee or green tea, which has zero calories. As a matter of fact, green tea helps a lot with weight loss! Click here to read more about using green tea for weight loss.

6. When you go to a restaurant or cafe, order healthy food with fewer calories

If you’re trying to cut down on your calorie intake, definitely avoid hamburgers, pizza and other high-calorie meals on the menu. Instead, order a salad or soup.

But keep in mind that just because it’s a salad, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. A lot of salads at restaurant contain various dressings with a lot of sugar and calories.

So if you’re not sure about what’s in the dressing, ask your waiter or just order a plain salad with olive oil!

7. Don’t eat until you’re completely full

Overeating is a major problem that is really bad for your health and causes overweight.

We’ve all been guilty of eating too much. When you’re eating something delicious, it’s hard to tell when you’re stuffed! So usually people just eat everything or until they literally can’t take another bite. Don’t do this!

Eat slowly and stop when you don’t feel hungry anymore and get a to-go box for later! You’ll definitely feel better when you’re not completely stuffed and you’ll get to enjoy more of your delicious meal later!

So, going out and eating fewer calories isn’t that hard after all! You just need to be ready, set yourself a goal and tell yourself that you will eat the right food! And trust me, at the end of the day, when you know you followed your plan and were able to both go out, have fun and eat fewer calories, you will feel much better about yourself and your motivation towards weight loss and diets will grow stronger!

So, these tips will help you avoid gaining weight when going out with friends, but if you actually want to lose weight – you need a plan.

You need a diet plan, a workout plan, a supplement guide – basically, you need the full package. Saving calories when going it isn’t going to cut it.

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