10 Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 50

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Weight loss may look a bit different for women over 50, but it definitely isn’t impossible! You just need to know the most important weight loss tips for women over 50 and you are sure to succeed!

Weight Loss For Women Over 50

Slower metabolism, less energy, menopause – there are many reasons why weight loss may be more difficult for 50-year-olds than for 20-year-olds. But we are going to tell you some tips and tricks make your weight loss journey as easy as possible. Because if you are over 50, that doesn’t mean fit life isn’t for you!

If you are in your fifties and searching for the best ways to lose weight, here are the top weight loss tips for you.

10 Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 50:

1.Get More Active

women walking dogs

We are not saying you have to start spending hours at the gym, just get more active. Especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park a bit further next time you go to the grocery store. Walk your dog ten minutes longer than usual. These simple things will help you transform your body because every active minute adds up and by the end of the day – you’ve burned a decent amount of calories without even actually working out.

Another great way to get some active minutes into your day is to go for a walk. Take 30-60 minutes out of your day and simply go for a walk. You can go with your dog, a friend, or alone – just walk. You’d be surprised how much your body benefits for walking! To read more about walking for weight loss click here.

Or, you can also consider yoga. Yoga has a number of benefits for your body and soul – from relieving stress, to improving flexibility, to soothing back pain – the benefits are endless. Click here for our 7 favorite yoga poses for weight loss.

2.Stay Hydrated

water infographic

Moving on to number two on our list of weight loss tips for women over 50 – staying hydrated.

Water is such a simple thing yet it is extremely important for our bodies, especially during weight loss. It cuts calories, reduced appetite, improves workouts, improves metabolism, and so much more!

To calculate exactly how much water your body needs, click here.

3.Eat More Vegetables


I’m sure you’ve heard that menopause causes weight gain. But have you ever thought why? That is because it makes changes to your hormones and your appetite. Though we can not help you with your hormones, we do have a tip for reducing appetite – and that is eating more veggies.

Try to have more salads, but don’t overdo it with the dressing. Also, next time you are hungry in between meals, reach for some fresh vegetables instead of crackers or cookies. Not only will veggies fill you up and help you lose weight, but they are also full of nutrients! It’s win-win.

4.Avoid Alcohol

When it comes to losing weight, alcohol is definitely a no-no. Not only because it is high in calories (and often sugar), but also because it leads to uncontrolled cravings! I’m sure we have all experienced know those nasty cravings after having a bit too much to drink…

In fact, a study published in Nature Communication by the Francis Crick Institute found that alcohol sends signals to your brain and makes you feel like you are in “starvation mode”.

So, as you can see, over-indulgence in alcohol leads to over-indulgence in food. Next time think twice before reaching for that sugary, calorie-dense cocktail!

5.Control Your Portions

Balanced meal for weight loss

Up next in our list of weight loss tips for women over 50 would be to control your portions.

Just like we mentioned earlier, menopause can lead to changes in your appetite. Not to mention, women over 50 also have a slower metabolism. Therefore, it is important to control yourself and not go overboard when eating. Include veggies in every meal and eat from a smaller plate if you have to.

6.Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Not only does it get you started for the day ahead, but it also helps you stay on track when losing weight!

Often, when people skip breakfast, by the time lunch comes they are extremely hungry. And this leads to eating A LOT. Been there, done that, right? So, next time, no matter how much you are in a hurry, at least grab yourself an apple or banana to have on-the-go.

7.Don’t Skip Meals

So, now you know how important it is to eat breakfast in the mornings. However, did you know that skipping any meal is harmful to your weight loss success? This is due to the same reason as skipping breakfast – it leads to overeating.

So, when you know it’s time for your next meal – don’t skip it. Eating balanced meals every 3-5 hours leads to long-term weight loss success. Skipping meals leads to over-indulging. Remember this!

8.Get Enough Sleep

Since menopause messes with your hormones and appetite, getting enough sleep is extremely important for women over 50. This is because two hormones that play a major role in appetite control (leptin and ghrelin) are released during your sleep. So, basically, the better quality sleep you get, the more controlled your appetite is!

For some tips on how to get a better good nights sleep – click here. 

9.Stress Less

Sad woman


Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s easy to say. But really, believe it or not, stress plays a huge role in weight loss. A recent study even proved that long-term stress can indeed make you fat.

So try to keep your stress under control as much as possible. A great way to do that is with yoga. Click here for 5 easy yoga poses that help relieve stress.

10.Have A Plan

Daily Weight Loss Planner

The last and most important of our weight loss tips for women over 50 is to have a plan.

When you have a plan, it’s much easier to stay on track because you know what to eat, when to eat it, how to exercise, and so on. Without a plan, you are basically “winging it”. A plan, on the other hand, guarantees results.

If you know how to create a weight loss plan yourself – go for it and stick to it! If not, we highly recommend checking out The 2 Week Diet.

With this diet plan, you will get simple instructions that are personalized for your unique body type to lose at least 6 lbs in just two weeks. It will tell you what to eat, when to eat it, how and when to workout – basically everything you need in order to succeed. And you won’t even have to go to the gym! The workouts can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

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So, give it a shot – you literally have nothing to lose! Excepts the extra weight, of course… 😉

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