How To Burn 500 Calories Without Working Out

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When you think about burning calories, let me guess what pops into your head. Sweating your butt off at the gym lifting weights or going on such an intense run you can’t even breath anymore.

How To Burn 500 Calories Without Working Out | Lose Weight Without Working Out | Burn Calories Without Exercise

Well, good news you guys! Those may be the most intense and extreme ways, but there are so many other easy ways to burn calories without working out!

Now, every person burns calories at a different rate, so I will give you the average amount of calories burned by someone who weighs 150 pounds while doing these exercises. If you weigh over 150 pounds, you will burn even more.

Some of these may seem surprising to you because you never even thought that you could actually burn calories with these activities! So keep on reading to find out 9 easy ways to burn 500 calories without working out!

How To Burn 500 Calories Without Working Out:

1.Cleaning up your house (3-4 hours)

Ugh… cleaning. Almost everybody hates sweeping, mopping the floor, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. But you can actually burn calories by doing all these simple everyday activities! It’s great because you can kill two birds with one stone. You can both get your house nice and clean and also burn those calories! So maybe cleaning the house isn’t that bad after all!

2.Shopping (2-3 hours)

If you’re someone who loves shopping and walking around stores a lot, well, good for you! Personally, I love shopping and it’s actually very good exercise because it requires you to be on your feet a lot and push around a shopping cart. And it only takes 2-3 hours of shopping to burn 500 calories! So next time someone tells you that you’re wasting your time when shopping, you tell them just how beneficial it can be!

3.Mowing the lawn (2 hours)

If you’ve ever mowed your lawn, you definitely know just how difficult and tiresome it can be. But have you ever thought about how many calories you can burn? Yeah, I know most people don’t mow their lawn for 2 hours, but after doing it for just an hour you will already burn 250 calories!

So next time your lawn needs to be mowed, think about all those calories that could be burned and you might not be so reluctant to do it!

4.Gardening (1-2 hours)

For some people, gardening is a hobby. And a great one, actually. It may seem that sitting by the dirt, pulling weeds and planting doesn’t require much energy. But it does. And a lot of it.

You can actually burn 200-400 calories. So not only will you get to grow yourself a beautiful garden, enjoy some fresh air, relax, and feel so close to nature. You will also have achieved a great workout!

5.Walking (3 hours)

Taking your dog for a walk, going for a stroll with your friends. Not only is walking a great way to reduce stress, have some fresh air, improve your health and socialize, it is awesome for burning calories, too! And you will burn 500 calories just by walking for 3 hours.

And I’m talking about very slow, relaxing walking. If you like to power walk, well, then you will burn much more! So if the weather outside is nice, I definitely recommend going for a stroll!

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6.Dancing (2 hours)

That’s right! Burning calories can sometimes be tons of fun! You will burn 500 calories just by dancing for a couple of hours.

So now when you go out and have fun you can actually feel like you’re achieving something great. And isn’t this a much more fun way of burning calories than going to the gym? I certainly think so. Just put on your dancing shoes and dance away!

7.Painting the walls (1-2 hours)

This may seem like a long and boring process. But painting the walls is actually great exercise! And if you’ve ever painted a wall, you definitely know how hard it can be.¬†It requires you to use your whole body by doing squats and stretching your arms a lot. And just by painting for 1-2 hours you can burn even 500 calories! Isn’t that crazy?

So next time you need to repaint the walls, try to not call the painter and do it yourself!

8.Swimming (40 minutes)

Swimming is great exercise! Just by swimming for 40 minutes you will burn 500 calories! So if it’s a hot summer day and you don’t know what to do, definitely go swimming! It’s a great way to spend your time. Not only is it perfect for cooling down, relaxing and having fun, but afterward, you will feel healthy and like you’ve achieved something. Which you certainly will have!

9.Washing your car (1 hour)

We all love having our cars squeaky clean. But personally, I always find myself too lazy to actually go to the car wash. So I usually do it myself at home. Well, guess what? Washing your car can actually be a serious workout!

And it only takes one hour to burn 500 calories. So if your car is dirty, you should definitely go and take your time washing it and make sure it’s super shiny!

So as you can see, burning 500 calories isn’t all that hard!

And the best part is that the list just goes on and on. And most of the ones I mentioned are killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you get around your day doing all the important stuff that needs to be done, you end up burning tons of calories which helps a great deal with losing weight! You can literally burn calories doing pretty much anything that requires moving.

And exercising daily is very important not only for burning calories and losing weight. It helps us feel healthier, less stressed and happier!

Since in our busy world it’s hard to find the time to go to the gym, just try focusing more on these daily activities. If you do it right, your exercising¬†and number of calories burned without going to the gym can be equivalent to actually going to the gym!

But if you actually want to shed some pounds…

You’re going to have to do a bit more than painting the walls or mowing the lawn. In order to lose weight, you need to combine correct nutrition with daily activity. Add in some supplements and you could lose weight even faster!

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