The Truth About Coffee For Weight Loss

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We all love a good cup of coffee. It gives us an energy boost and also tastes delicious! But does coffee for weight loss really work? You will find out shortly…

Coffee For Weight Loss

People have it in the morning after they wake up, in the afternoon for a simple coffee break, or just for an energy boost before working out.  Personally, I find myself drinking way too much coffee throughout the day (which is not good, by the way) and I couldn’t even imagine my day without it.

But most people who drink coffee only see it as an energy boost, nothing more.

But have you ever thought about what coffee does to your body apart from an energy boost? It does a lot actually. One benefit that most people don’t even know is coffee for weight loss!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… ‘WHAAAAT?! Did I read that correctly?! I can drink my absolute favorite morning drink AND lose weight at the same time?‘ And the answer is definitely YES 🙂

Wondering how? Well, here it is!

How Coffee For Weight Loss Works:

1.It suppresses your appetite

Probably one of the biggest problems while losing weight is all those nasty cravings. They are usually the reason many people quit dieting. If you struggle with cravings while losing weight, you should probably know that coffee has been proven by various studies to reduce hunger.

It increases the synthesis of the hormone PYY which lowers your appetite and hunger. This study has also proven that decaf coffee actually reduces your appetite more than regular coffee.

So if you’re someone who drinks too much regular coffee, switching to decaf can be great! Not only because you won’t consume too much caffeine, but it’s an excellent way to control your hunger and cravings!

2.It increases your metabolism

Drinking coffee can increase your metabolism thanks to the caffeine. And a faster metabolism means that you burn calories faster and lose weight faster. It also means that you won’t gain fat as quickly, so you can eat more freely!

But keep in mind this is only a short-term effect. After a few hours, your metabolism will go back to normal so don’t expect any drastic results from coffee!

3.It boosts your energy

[image of energetic woman]

This is the main reason people actually drink coffee. The energy boost! This obviously helps a lot during your workout because you will be able to exercise more intensely and as a result, burn more fat!

But not only will your workout be better, you will also just have more energy and desire to move more throughout the day. This is very important because many people these days live sedentary lifestyles and we all just need to try and move as much as possible during the day!

So, as you can see, coffee for weight loss is a real thing. But it definitely won’t drastically up your fat burn so you shouldn’t rely on coffee to do all the work! And, we’re not going to lie here, there will only be an effect of coffee for weight loss if you combine it with healthy and diet-friendly nutrition!

P.S. If you’re somebody who either drinks too much coffee or just doesn’t like it as much but still want to have it because of the benefits – try green tea! It also helps a lot with weight loss and doesn’t have that much caffeine so you can have it in the evening, too! You can read all about how to use green tea for weight loss by clicking here.

But you need to know which coffee to drink and which you shouldn’t!

The Best Coffee For Weight Loss:

These days people love caramel macchiatos, vanilla lattes and all of those other fancy coffees you can pick up at a coffee shop. But these drinks are sugar and calorie bombs you must avoid when losing weight!

[image of sugar in coffee cup]

In fact, the beloved pumpkin spice latte everybody drinks in the fall at Starbucks contains 50 grams of sugar and 380 calories! A lot of people don’t even consider this when buying coffee. They think: it’s just a drink, how bad can it be?

Well, it can be very bad. And you won’t get too far in your weight loss journey if you continue drinking these coffees. Even a Snickers bar (which everybody knows is unhealthy), contains less – 27 grams of sugar and 250 calories. Shocker, huh?

Instead, you should have regular black coffee. And no sugar!

During your diet, you should avoid sweets completely! If you simply hate plain coffee, you can add a little bit of milk. But the best way is to have your coffee completely plain. This way you actually have real coffee and feel its effects rather than just a cup of sugar.

You can also try throwing in some butter. It may sound weird at first, but adding butter to your coffee actually has a lot of benefits – including a fat burning effect.

Anyways, usually the best option for coffee is to just make it at home so you won’t be tempted to all those evil coffees at coffee shops. For brewing coffee at home, I love the Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company. It is a bit strong, but it gives me a great energy boost, it is organic and tastes delicious!

Also, I must point out that coffee does dehydrate you, so you should be drinking more water if you have coffee. You can read more about water and calculate your own daily water intake by clicking here.

But coffee doesn’t just stop at weight loss! Other health benefits of coffee:

Not only can coffee help you with weight loss, it also has many health benefits. Coffee has a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which protect our cells from damage!

And it also protects against various illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, various types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, heart diseases, and even depression. 

But remember, coffee can only really be beneficial if you’re smart when drinking it. Like I mentioned before, be sure not to overdrink it as many people do these days because too much caffeine can result in nervousness, restlessness, shaky hands, difficulty falling asleep… well, you get the idea.

So you really shouldn’t drink more than 2-3 cups a day. But luckily, for most people that is more than enough! Just listen to your bodies!

So next time you drink coffee, maybe you won’t see it only as an energy booster anymore, but as a great tool to intensify weight loss and prevent illnesses!

But if you really want to lose weight…

I hate to break it to you, but coffee isn’t going to cut it. Yes, it may boost your weight loss, but coffee alone is not your magic solution. You need a full weight loss plan.

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