How To Turn Plain Yogurt Into A Guilt-Free Creamy Yogurt Dessert

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This creamy Greek yogurt dessert will suppress all of your midnight cravings, and it’ll do it without guilt too!

[picture of creamy Greek yogurt dessert]

Ever craved something sweet in the evening? Who am I kidding, of course, you have. Unfortunately, having sugar before bed can really mess with your weight loss journey. But what if I told you there’s something sweet and delicious you could have before bed without feeling guilty?

[picture of creamy Greek yogurt dessert]

And by without feeling guilty, I mean this dessert has absolutely no added sugar!

Sounds pretty unbelievable, huh? Well, believe it, because you’re about to say goodbye to those high carb late night snacks, and hello to this guilt-free creamy  yogurt dessert. Let’s gooo!

[picture of creamy Greek yogurt dessert]


14 oz (400 g) Greek yogurt
10-12 flavor drops (we bought ours on Amazon)


Mix the Greek yogurt with the flavor drops, and voilà! It’s that easy!


– You can enjoy this dessert alone or top it off with grain-free granola or nuts.
– The number of flavor drops needed may vary depending on the type of drops you used. We love the Vanilla Creme flavor drops from Sweet Leaf, but you can use any flavor you feel like! You can buy the flavor drops on Amazon by pressing here.

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