How To Lose Weight Effortlessly: My Story

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Wouldn’t it be so cool if there were a way to lose weight effortlessly? I’m talking no restrictions, no limits, no forcing yourself to the gym when you really don’t want to go, no forcing yourself – period. Well guess what – there is a way. And no, it doesn’t require magic pills or weight loss teas. 

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve always been into nutrition, fitness and general wellbeing, so, I have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to weight loss. Yet, my weight has always fluctuated and I always had that annoying extra belly fat no matter what I did. And trust me when I say – I tried everything. 

From fasting, to extremely low-calories diets, to overexercising – nothing seemed to work. I would lose weight, but still gain it back again. Note that this is coming from someone who knows a lot about weight loss. So yes – I did do everything by the book and still ended up constantly gaining back the weight I had lost. 

Basically, I lived like this for 5 years – constantly dieting and hating my own body. Over time, this all lead to an eating disorder (surprise, surprise). I would go back and forth from dieting to binge eating and feeling like crap. So, with the ultimate goal of trying to losing belly fat by going on strict diets, I ended up gaining weight, developing an eating disorder, and, most importantly – hating my body. 

You know what the worst part was? Even when I was at my fittest self with a body mass index that was nearly too low – I still hated my body. I thought I wasn’t enough. And that is exactly why I gained everything back.

I may have had the knowledge for weight loss, but I had the wrong mindset.

This is really why I believe you can never judge a book by its cover. I may have looked like weight loss coach who totally had her life together, when really – I was sad, hated my body, had an eating disorder, and ultimately pushed myself to the point where my chronic dieting and overexercising began the affect my health. 

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Fast forward to today, and I’m happy to say that overexercising, chronic dieting and binge eating – are all things of my past. I genuinely LOVE my own body, I feel the best that I ever have, I never restrict myself, and most importantly – I’m so glad that I managed to do what I always thought was impossible – lose weight effortlessly. And yes – I will now tell you how that is done… 🙂 

How To Lose Weight Effortlessly

Ever heard of the law of attraction? Or positive thinking? Or changing your mindset for amazing results?

 If you think this is going to be some crazy spiritual weight loss method – it’s not – please bare with me here. 

Basically, by changing the way you think, you can manifest good things. And yes, this extends beyond weight loss. By having a clear vision, setting goals, practicing gratitude, becoming self-aware, and truly loving your body and believing in yourself – good things will happen. Without a doubt.

You may be wondering what the specific steps and strategies to manifest easy weight loss are… Well, I was lucky enough to have a good friend by my side, who also happened to be a transformation coach who guides women through this process for a living.

Meet Osha…

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I was skeptical at first. Especially as someone who knows so much about the ins and outs of weight loss. Never have I ever thought that I could actually achieve results without counting calories and dragging myself to the gym everyday. But guess what – I did.

With the help of my friend Osha, not only did I lose weight effortlessly, but I also:

  • Overcame my eating disorder;
  • Feel the best I ever have;
  • Never restrict myself or drag myself to the gym;
  • Love my body unconditionally;
  • Feel connected;
  • Found my purpose in life;
  • Am genuinely excited to live life every single day!

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How did we do this? Well, Osha and I had daily sessions where she would help me delve deeper into my body and connect with my true self. Basically, she reprogrammed my subconscious mind without me even realizing! Think daily sessions, special tasks, journaling practices, guided meditation, and so much more. Before I knew it, the way I thought about my body was never the same… I learned to love myself, respect my body, and tune in to what it actually needs. 

Paradoxically, when I started loving myself unconditionally, I:

  • Wanted to fuel myself with healthy food;
  • Stopped craving foods that made me feel bloated and uncomfortable;
  • Craved exercise and daily movement;
  • Had more energy than ever;
  • Ended up losing weight without even trying!

Do You Want To Learn How To Lose Weight Effortlessly?

If you don’t have a friend who happens to be a transformation coach helping women be their best selves, you’ll love what I’m about to tell you…

I am SO happy to announce that Osha is launching a product with the EXACT method she used on me and herself to lose weight effortlessly. 

Introducing the…Body Freedom Academy!

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It’s a 7-week online program that dives deeper than any weight loss coach every would to help you:

  • Break free from the body jail and feel amazing in your skin
  • Effortlessly and joyfully achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Have deep unwavering confidence
  • Feel powerful, sexy, vibrant and in love with yourself
  • And so much more! 

It’s structured in a very unique way. It’s not your regular online program where you just watch the video, do the homework and hope for the best. It’s designed to help you absorb the information on a deep level, build new neuropathways in your brain and create lasting behavior change.

Trust me when I say this girl dives DEEP! Expect:

  • Powerful video trainings that are structured in a unique way to help you reprogram your subconscious mind
  • PDF worksheets;
  • Guided meditations (MP3)
  • Bonus resources
  • LIVE calls with Osha herself! 

While you can start the academy whenever you’d like (even today!), it officially begins September 1st 2020 and it’s going to be a HUGE community of women in this 7-week online program together. If you act fast, you will get a 50% discount for lifetime access to the program. 

Click here to learn more about BODY FREEDOM ACADEMY today!