10-Minute Office Yoga Sequence To De-Stress At Your Desk

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Office yoga is something that has grown in popularity during the last few years. And for a good reason! Office yoga can be very beneficial for your physical and psychological health. But let me explain in more detail.

Office Yoga Sequence

These days, a fair amount of jobs require people to sit crunched before their computer screen in an office all day. Obviously, this is very unhealthy. It causes people to feel stressed out, experience a lot of pains and aches and even become obese.

So many people leave their workplaces stressed out and sore and go straight to bed feeling awful. But a perfect and not super time-consuming way to prevent this is by doing some office yoga!

This is actually how I got into yoga. A few years ago, I was doing an office job which required me to sit at my desk all day. I hated the way I felt after work. Stressed out, tense, feeling aches all over my body from sitting all day.

Then I started looking for a solution to this problem. And that’s when I came across an article on office yoga! I thought it was a bit silly but hey, why not give it a try, right? So then I tried an office yoga routine and since then, I did it almost every day a work.

Yoga is something is what relaxed my body and my mind and made me feel much happier and healthier, even at my desk!

I get it if you’re not someone who is very sporty and you may feel uncomfortable doing yoga. But yoga is a pretty low-intensity workout and literally, anyone can do it because of how diverse it can be and all the different poses there are for different types of people.

Just try out this office yoga routine I’ve put together! These poses are perfect for you if you’re a beginner and will surely make you feel much better at the office!

10-Minute Office Yoga Sequence:

1.Neck stretch

Sitting at your desk all day can cause some serious tension and pain in the neck. That’s why this neck stretch is a crucial part of your office yoga routine. You can relieve the tension in your neck by doing a simple neck stretch. And you can do it while still seated at your desk!

Sit with your spine straight. lace your hands behind your back and bring them to your right side. Then, slowly turn your neck to your right side and hold until you relieve the tension. Then, repeat on the other side. Remember to always take slow and deep breaths!

2.Seated backbend

Sit down in your chair with your back straight. Inhale slowly while extending your arms up as high as you can. Then, exhale while slightly bending your head back and arching your upper back.

Hold this pose for a few breaths. Then, return your arms back down to your sides and repeat a few more times.

3.Seated spinal twist

Sit on the edge of your chair with your spine straight. Bring your right hand behind you and grab the left side of the back rail of your chair.

Then, place your left hand on your right knee and turn your head to the right. If this is is too difficult for you, you can place your left hand on your left knee instead of your right.

Hold this pose for a few deep breaths and return to starting position. Then, repeat with your other side.

4.Seated figure four stretch

This pose is great for getting rid of back pain which is something people experience often at the office.

Sit in your chair with your back straight. Put your right ankle on your left thigh and push down on your right knee. Hold for a few breaths.

Then, put your right leg down on the floor and repeat with your left leg.

5.Forward fold

This is a great pose for stretching out your legs from sitting so much.

Stand on your feet with your back straight. Begin bending forward. Try to keep your back as straight as possible, touch your nose to your legs and place your hands by the sides of your feet.

If you aren’t flexible enough to perform this pose with straight legs, you can bend them a bit or use a yoga block.

Hold this pose for a few breaths, return to starting position and repeat a few more times.

So there you have it! A great, easy office yoga routine which will surely make you feel much more relaxed and healthy at work.

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